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Introducing Etsy Ads Platform A New Way to Optimize Your Advertising

Introducing Etsy Ads Platform: A New Way to Optimize Your Advertising

Yes, you heard it right. Etsy, which is one of the largest marketplace and well known for its handicrafts and vintage items, has announced the new advertising platform, Etsy Ads this Monday. This platform aims to help buyers discover their products on Etsy and Google via a single campaign. This was introduced to meet seller’s demands for “simpler tools to help them grow” and also enables sellers to reach buyers both on and off Etsy.


This move will let Etsies spending more time on the creative part of their business with the launch of this advertising tool. Etsy stated that the new platform will be available in a few weeks to the Etsy sellers. Also, this tool will help sellers to utilize a single platform to help customers find their product on both Etsy and Google, and purchase from their shop. One of the main advantages of this platform is that rather than managing two separate campaigns via promoted listings and Google shopping, sellers will be able to set one budget and see their advertising performance in one place. And with this seller’s advertising budget, Etsy will help deliver more visits. Etsy will utilize its data insights and expertise to identify the right places and times to show seller ads. With all the Etsy services available, this new platform was specially built for the need for creative entrepreneurs in mind. By compiling both onsite and offsite marketing onto a single platform, sellers can spend less time figuring their market strategies and spend more time on other important activities such as making special crafted items and pleasing buyers.

Besides, Etsy also shared the news on the achievement of the television ads they launched at the beginning of this year. Research by Etsy showed that 20% of the shoppers bought something after seeing the ads on television compared to the customers who hadn’t seen the ads. Also, there has been seen an increase in traffic from channels like Google Shopping ads during the 3 months of advertisements. And this strategy will continue to be the part of Etsy this Christmas season according to Art and Craft marketplaces. This implies that sellers who run Etsy ads from their own will see the advantages of higher traffic to their listings. To keep Etsy on the top of mind to millions of shoppers, Etsy is now excited to invest more in brand awareness activities, including TV ads,