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Offline Store Should Start Selling Online Immediately: Top 5 Reasons Why

If you’re selling products in your store, if you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or even a retailer, this is very important for you! If you’re planning to go down that road, then it’s even more important for you to read this! Here are top 5 reasons to start selling online and expand your business from only offline to both offline and online, especially on Amazon.

Investments Are Low

The main difference between an online and offline store is the amount of capital invested in each. For an offline store, you need to invest in a brick-and-mortar store which is usually in an expensive location, sales staff needs to be hired, there are overhead costs like maintenance, electricity, water, etc. For an online store, you don’t need any of this and you don’t even need to worry about expanding nationally because you begin with that! For example, with Amazon, you just need to sign up, list your products and them sell them to make money. In fact, you don’t even need to worry about packaging and shipping if you sign up for a service called Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Because under that system, Amazon picks, stores, and ships your products for a small fee. They even handle the customer care.

Immediate and Timely Payments

Amazon processes payments in 7 working days – which is the fastest in the industry. These payments come right into your bank account without any extra paper work, waiting or any kind of stress. So, with online selling, there’s absolutely no need to wait for a long time when you can get your payments so quickly!

Sell Anytime, All the Time!

In a physical store, you have opening and closing hours. But in an online store, you can sell 24×7. You don’t have to worry about holidays. You never have to worry about closing your store. You products are available to your consumers all the time, any time!

Sell Anywhere!

Compared to an offline store which is only accessible to a particular demographic in a particular area, an online store helps you reach customers thousands of miles away, in different states, sometimes even in different countries. This means your products are always available to the farthest of consumers! It increases your reach to millions of customers throughout the world and provides you massive reach!

Instant Feedback and Detailed Reports

If you’re selling from a physical store, have you ever experienced a customer returning and informing you about their experience with your product? Unless they need a return for some reason, a customer will never return to tell you whether they even liked your product or not. Plus, is there any staff in your physical store that does analyses on inventory and sales? Are there any details on how well your business is doing?

As soon as you sign up on Amazon’s Seller Central, you get detailed reports on the health of your business, the details on how each product is selling. You get feedback and ratings from consumers around the world. All of this is online, updated in real time and available anywhere you want.

So, if all this makes you want to sell online, head over to Amazon today and create your free account. Happy online selling!