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Which One to Choose Freelancer or a Company

Which One to Choose -Freelancer or a Company?

To raise a business from the ground, it’s important to maintain the speed and quality of the business standards while balancing the cost. This is why to outsource any service, startup founders are always on the hunt for experienced and cost-effective companies or freelancers. Of course, a freelancer is pocket-friendly but with every advantage comes a disadvantage. For example, you need to make sure that they are available according to your schedule and, not theirs. It would be great if they are available but you have to be prepared with plan B if they are not. So, there are various pros and cons of which one to hire- either a freelancer or a company?

So, in this post, I am going to talk about the factors to look for while hiring a freelancer or a company.

1. Transparency in work


The major problem you face while dealing with a freelancer is the lack of transparency as they are located in a place out of reach or in a completely different region. Since you have no information regarding their experience, qualification and their work and also it’s difficult to monitor them constantly. But with the company, things are pretty much simpler. You tend to gain more trustworthiness as they have a physical infrastructure with a technical team.

2. Meeting the deadlines


Freelancers are not very professional when it comes to meet the deadline. Sometimes they even don’t respond to the phone calls and the emails. And also in the absence of resource they take much time to complete the same project. But this is not in case of a professional company. There is an unbreakable agreement between the two parties and both the parties cannot break this agreement in fear of the penalties involved.

3. Time-Consuming


Every company has its process of working on different projects. So, if you opt for freelancers, then you need to manage and look into every small aspect of the process which is time- consuming. But when you choose a company, you can rely on them and get the results without much supervision from your side.

4. Overall Project Costing or quality


Working with the company is a little high in price than freelancers. A company involves a team of experts while working on your project. But the expenditure within a company worth a longer run as a company doesn’t compromise on the quality. While freelancers are less expensive but they take too many projects at a time resulting in a long term disaster.

5. Privacy and Warranty


One of the greatest advantages of choosing a company is the privacy that goes with the confidentiality agreement. So, your sensitive data is protected by the company and the project details are not leaked to anybody. Whereas with freelancers, there is no such agreement. And there is always a risk involved with your sensitive data getting leaked to someone else or your competitors.

6. Experience Does Count


Experience plays a crucial role when it comes to technicalities in your project. When hiring a freelancer, you have to look for evidence of experience that meets the need for your project. But working with a professional company involves a team of experts that bring in more knowledge and skill set.

7. Ongoing Customer Support


As a company has a physical infrastructure and a team of experts so they can provide ongoing customer support even after they have passed the project to the clients. Whereas freelancers are not bound to help and if you need further assistance in maintenance and support then you have to spend some extra chunk to complete that task.