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Why Choose Linnworks for Inventory Management

Why Choose Linnworks for Inventory Management

Hey guys, are you an online retailer? If yes, are you in a confusion of which inventory management tool to choose, to better run your business? If yes, then I will help you out with the better solution. As I understand the fact that When it comes to choose the best ecommerce platform for your online business, it can be challenging to know which one to go at the end.

So, in this post I am going to share our work experience about working on Linnworks. Yes Linnworks! Linnworks will help you change your business to a next level.

What is Linnworks?

Linnworks is a cloud based, multi-channel ecommerce tool that helps you manage your inventory on different selling channels like eBay, Amazon etc. and also manage your orders at one place. Linnworks will help you spend less and being more productive. You can perform many tasks at one place like labels, picking, packing and many other activities.

Why Linnworks?

Want to have freedom in your business and in your life? If yes, then Linnworks is the solution. With Linnworks “Faith eCommerce Services” helps you better organize your business by handling your thousands of products at different channels.

Features of Linnwork:

  1. Multichannel Software: Yes, with multichannel you can earn more profit in less time but uploading thousands of products without any error at various channels is a tedious task. And one needs a great team to do this task. Here comes “Faith eCommerce Services”. Our team will help you in uploading your products regardless of how many channels you sell on.
  1. Inventory Management Software: With this feature your stock will get synchronized to all of your selling channels. Enabling automatic inventory updates on each, so that you can be confident that your stock level gets adjusted after every sale, eliminating the risk of overselling. This feature improves your business efficiency and increase profitability by tracking and prioritizing your products and batches by their expiration dates.
  1. Stock control software: Regularly checking whether the product is out of stock or not and managing the warehouse space is time consuming. With Linnwork’s Stock Control Software our team will take care of all your stock movements. And will resolve any stock discrepancies quickly and efficiently.
  1. Custom reporting software: Managing data on various channels is difficult. And you need to keep track of which of your product is on huge demand and on which channel it’s not performing well. With Linnworks custom reporting feature “Faith eCommerce Services team” will view and analyze your historical sales data, in order to identify the buying patterns of the customers and seasonal trends, which in turn enable us to anticipate increase in stock demand so that we can prepare your business accordingly.