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Hire a Freelancer and Face Big Loss

Hire a Freelancer and Face Big Loss

Your business will have numerous requirements. Some companies may need a digital marketing specialist while there are some who may have a requirement for interior designers. Nowadays there is a trend to look at the option of freelancers who take up short term and long-term projects. There is a general thought process that this arrangement is convenient and even cost- effective.

But before you decide to hire a freelancer there are some things that you need to think about. When you ponder on these things you will realize that there are chances that you might end up incurring huge loss by opting for a freelancer.

Remote Training can be Tough


There are chances that you may end up hiring a freelancer who is in a different timezone and then imparting training can become difficult. As against this when you hire a company you can tell them about your exact requirement and they will assign the work to their team who has experience and is well versed with the project requirements.

Freelancers can do the Disappearing Act


There have been several cases where the freelancers have just disappeared into thin air without completing the project. At times there can be a genuine reason but most of the times it is because they get a better project or they lose interest in the existing project. Freelancers just stop responding to emails, chats and phone calls. This is not the case when you hire a company which will have a more professional approach and will make sure that they complete the project on time.

Freelancers do not Value Time


Though this may not be true in case of all freelancers but still it have been seen that in many cases freelancers do not complete the project on time. They do not abide to deadlines. This is not the case with companies who are more likely to complete the project within the given time frame.

Freelancers can be Stressed Lot


There are chances that the freelancer that one hires is stressed out. They may have taken up too many projects which they cannot handle or they may have other commitments like the freelancer may be a full time employee of another company and hence works only at night. On the other hand when you hire a company they will have a big team which is all pepped up to take up new challenges.

Coordination can be an Issue


Now if you have a digital marketing project and you decide to opt for a freelancer then you have to hire an SEO guy, a content writer, content editor and so on. Coordinating between all these people can be really tough. But when you hire a digital marketing company you will get all these services under one roof. It is much easier to coordinate with a company rather than coordinating with different freelancers.

As you can see there are many advantages of hiring a company rather than a freelancer. The most important thing is that companies will have a more professional approach as compared to the freelancer and you can be rest assured that your project will be completed within the required time frame. Next time you have a project and need to choose between a freelancer and a company then just think about the above factors before you make the final decision.