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Say I Can Do It Cheaper

There Is Always Someone Who Will Say I Can Do It Cheaper And See What Happens Next

Snapdeal is one of the emerging online marketplace in Indian online market. Snapdeal claims that it has about 20 million users and over 50,000 sellers selling more than 5 million products. Such a big company with more than 1000 in-house employees.

Now, every seller wants to sell products on website like Amazon, eBay, snapdeal, flipkart etc. Most of the sellers have their physical retail shop in towns or cities or they are whole sellers. E-commerce is not a very old trend in India.

So every when does not know what it requires to make a product presentable and complete online on these marketplaces. Sellers just want to upload products on these marketplace and want to earn money immediately. If they don’t upload products by themselves then they look for someone who  can do it on their behalf.

Every  Tom, Dick and Harry thinks it’s a simple task and I can upload products on any marketplace or any online website. But by seeing this example you will never hire a freelance or any tom/Dick/Harry to upload your products.


Check this link and  images and see how unprofessionally this image has been editing. Please look closely on biceps and that arm. The one who has processed this image and make the cut out of the image that person must not be professional or could be in office for continuous 3-4 days and would have strength to keep his eyes open.

Come on seller, don’t look for cheap services. Cheap services are always return cheap results. Hire a company to upload products instead of hiring a freelancer.

Thanks for reading.