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5 Product Photo Retouching Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

5 Product Photo Retouching Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

When it comes to selling products online, product images play a crucial role. Professionally photographed and edited product images give a sense of trust and reliability to the customers, increasing your sales. It also makes your products stand out amidst the huge swarm of items available for sale online. Whether you sell products on an ecommerce retail portal or have your own web store, using high quality photographs with smart editing can help you sell more without any extra efforts.

5 Product Photo Retouching Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

Since the customers cannot touch or feel the products online, their purchase decision is influenced heavily by how the product looks in the image. This is why it is considered a good idea to hire expert image editing services that can help you present your products in a better manner.

While many ecommerce brands have a large dedicated team for photo retouching and editing, not every company can invest such heavy amount on editing infrastructure. By hiring an ecommerce agency’s editing and photo background removal services, you can save a lot of money and resources which can be utilized for other activities.

Whether you hire expert image editing services or do it in-house, here are 5 effective tips to help present your products in a professional and appealing way

Create A Standard Product Image Layout

If you sell multiple products under the same brand name or label, it is a good idea to present them in a similar style. Custom designed product image layouts help increase your brand’s visibility and recall value online, and increase the chances of related sales. For products in a variety of categories, you can create different layouts for different categories but include resembling elements like borders, text font and size, logo positioning etc to strengthen your brand image.

Remove Background To Make Product Stand Out

Even if you hire professional product photographers, make it a point that your product images go through a routine photo retouching before you upload them online. Removing or replacing background can help enhance the appeal of the product greatly. These days there are many expert photo background removal services providers which make this task easy, quick, and highly neat.

Pay Special Attention To Color Variant Editing

Many times there are multiple color variants of the same product. In such cases, instead of taking photos of each variant separately, it is easier and more efficient to take one picture and change the colors in it via photo retouching to get other variant images. This ensures consistency and image quality, which adds to the appeal of the products.

Retouch Spots And Unwanted Areas

Before uploading the final image on your product portfolio, make sure to go through the picture and retouch any spots and unwanted elements. These may include inconsistent color shades, extra elements like threads, labels, stickers etc.

Add Shadow In Case Of Background Changes

If you choose to remove or change the background of your product image, consider adding digital shadow to make the image look real overall. While the customer may easily identify altered background even after professional photo background removal services, elements like shadows and relatable sizing and positioning give the picture a realistic appeal.