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Background Removal Service Is Critical For Ecommerce

Why Image Background Removal Service Is Critical For Ecommerce?

To have a competent product picture editing facility, Fecoms has been proudly integrated with numerous ecommerce niches over the years to provide services for image background removal.

Background removal is a pervasive strategy often used in e-commerce to separate and position the key or target image on the most acceptable or necessary background from the unnecessary or distracting or irrelevant background. It also helps to recreate trademarks and graphics for brands.

More Often, when re-shooting is not feasible, the condition happens, and the photos cannot be used, only because of the backdrop that is no longer important. The elimination of the background could be of tremendous benefit here.

Let us see that there is a need for background removal from pictures:

To generate coherent pictures

Even if you get your product photo-shoot by a professional photographer, the outcome will vary every time. This creates inconsistency. At Fecoms, we provide photo manipulation services to create consistency in your product images by placing masked or clipped images in the background. The customer that visits your eCommerce store will sure scan and compare various product images, which ultimately will affect their buying decision.

To make it appear visually appealing

Major e-commerce stores have a mandate to have a white backdrop of the brand products of eCommerce retailers. However, it is not possible to shoot commercial photographs with a white backdrop due to such inevitable conditions. Our professional photo editing services come to the rescue in this case where we replace the non-white background with white background by using background removal techniques to make it more alluring.

To remove disruptions

In ecommerce, sales of the product are greatly influenced by its presentation in the picture. You need to reflect the real image of your product in the pictures posted on your ecommerce store. Sometimes even after capturing the picture image, adjusting the right angle, right prop and right lights create a kind of distraction. To get rid of these disruptions, and to make it more picturesque, our photo editors use background removal techniques. It not only helps in attaining the trust of your customer but also boosts your sales conversions.

To manipulate into a different background

It is typically the white backdrop for e-commerce, but in certain situations, it may also be the substitution of the original background into an utterly unique background. At Fecoms, our professional photo editors manipulate the backdrop of your e-commerce product the way you like under photo manipulation services.

We strip some form of stain, mud, dirt, or inappropriate objects from the background, using background removal techniques, giving it a simple canvas-like finish. For different uses such as banners, thumbnails, ad covers, and product images, you can get this canvas manipulated.

To enhance sales

With all the positives as discussed above, it is clear that background removal services are focused on making it convenient for customers to make a buying decision. This decision lays a foundation for a healthy trust relationship between you and your customers, which in turn will help in generating higher revenue in the future.

Besides, as mentioned before images without background are easy to manipulate, the use of the image in banners and ads tends to create consistency in your ads, which brings the right customer to your site. This chain continues, hence improving your conversion rate over the period.


To make sure that every single image of your ecommerce is professionally edited and consistent, you should outsource it to an expert in the field. Not only do you bank upon a time but also will get unexpected outcomes.

For every single picture you sent in; we collaborate with pros at Fecoms to provide industry-standard professional photo editing services.

Fecoms provides multiple stage quality management, chosen turnaround time, and desired file formats for images concern to photo editing.

But don’t just rely on word of mouth; ask for free trial today and see how Fecoms can fulfill your image editing requirements in full swing.