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Mobilegeddon It s Been 10 Days

Mobilegeddon : It’s Been 10 Days

Mobilegeddon, it’s a new word in dictionary of Google. If you have no business with internet then it will be difficult to remember about this word walled Mobilegeddon. It’s a new update in Google search algorithm which gives brings priority to website on Mobile search those are mobile friendly.

Now, the next question is how to check whether your website is Mobile friendly or not.

Whenever Google release any update, it provides sufficient information for people who interest to learn about new updates or want to walk along with Google update.

Here is the link launched by Google to check your website status for Mobilegeddon.


We are happy that our website is Mobile friendly.

Now, it’s been more than one week, Google has launched its new Mobile friendly algorithm. Google confirms that it has not rolled out the update on all the data centers yet. But it’s going on and sooner or later the new update will be rolled out on all the data centers.

Now 10 days for Mobilegeddon, it shows its impact in the industry. If you want to keep your position on Google untouched then please update your website and make it mobile friendly.