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7 Writing Skills A Virtual Agent Need To Chat With Clients

7 Writing Skills A Virtual Agent Need To Chat With Clients

Creating rapport can suffice as a business’s highest priority in an environment where clients fall between the fingers if diligence not get exercised when creating a harmonious partnership. Building rapport with strangers sounds very overwhelming due to the dangers of engaging online and a fear of exposing one’s identity. Hire a virtual assistant online from Fecoms to improve your customer experience.

Chat is commonplace, but getting it right is difficult. Writing high-quality chat is much more difficult than it seems. (There’s a lot more to chatting than scribbling quickly and pushing links!). If you are looking for a customer support representative, then make sure he/she possess chat specific writing skills as mentioned below:

1. Critical thinking and reading ability

Writing skills are built on the foundation of critical reading. The perceptual ability to read what the consumer is doing and discern what the customer is asking is known as critical reading. Sensitive reading is particularly necessary in chat since consumers write without editing, and their writing can be messy and frustrating at times. Outsource chat support services from Fecoms as our virtual agents can read critically, decipher the customer’s jumbled writing and determine what the customer wants.

2. Time management

Customers and agents in several chats have to take a break to get details. When the customer has to pause or when the agent will wait for him, good chat writing makes it obvious. When chat agents properly handle wait or away time, neither party has to inquire, “Are you still there?”

When consumers need to wait for a second, our chat support agent makes it clear to them.

3. Questioning that works

While talk and email are less intimate and detailed than a real conversation, successful questioning during a chat or email session will provide the same results. Under our affordable virtual assistant services, chat support agents work on engaging consumers and gather enough information to address the problem by combining factual questions with open-ended questions.

4. Empathy

It’s quick for chat agents to lose their cool and react in kind to irritate, disrespectful, or stressed customers, one should empathize instead. Empathy is more respectable than asking consumers that they should leap off a bridge. When you hire a virtual assistant online from us, you will notice easy customer handling and reduced chat time.

5. Gratitude

Customers use chat while they are in the middle of a challenge because it is the perfect medium for live problem-solving.

Our virtual agents gain trust from clients by saying they do not know anything and refrain from giving the customer dubious advice.

6. Flexibility

Customers come up with various problems that might have solutions written on fixed response templates. However, our chat support agents also use the pre-written response to give quick resolution but switch to free text writing if the problem or concern is different.

7. Usage of correct punctuation and spelling

It is one of the major aspects of chat support services, and our professionals are well-trained in using correct grammar and spellings while communicating with the consumers on chat.


Customer support and customer service, both are intricate parts of the business. Hence building a good rapport with the consumer is very essential for the success of any business. Even if you are selling quality products and services, but your customer handling is not good enough, your business would not get high. While most consumers like to engage in chat support rather than telephonic conversation, you need to make a strong customer support base.

Our company provides affordable virtual assistant services in customer chat and email support to any kind of business. Get in touch with us to get a free demo trial of the services that we offer.