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Guidelines On Optimizing Email Customer Service

Non-voice support is a term used to describe email support services. It is essentially email-based customer service. A customer goes to an ecommerce website and finds an email address to ask for questions or help. Every business these days is opting for email support from service providers.

Customer service teams may benefit from email in a variety of ways. Email is not only a convenient way for consumers to fix problems, but it is a cost-effective method to increase customer loyalty by delivering quick solutions. Resultant, improving the way online business reacts to its consumer emails has become critical.

How do our email support services work?

Customers use your ecommerce website for an email address and send an email to express their complaints and concerns.

The Emails are placed in your Email list, and our ecommerce virtual assistant addresses them on a first-come, first-served, or priority basis.

Your virtual assistant reads emails, resolves any issues, or presents the details requested by the client, and responds appropriately.

Points of considerations while handling emails

Our affordable virtual assistant services go through an organized approach and are efficient in handling bulk emails.

We take the following points into notice while extending email support to our clients:

Make the customer service networks a top priority

  • Every business has its unique communication strategy; we keep that email policy in mind while making email communication.
  • We follow a formal and professional approach while handling your emails hence; avoid using jargon, slang, emoticons, and exclamation marks.
  • Our email support services virtual assistant follow standard rules like
  • Using simple words
  • Following standard rules of grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.
  • Quality checks
  • Our email support virtual assistant conveys real-time messages to your consumers by following a strong subject line and framing an introductory paragraph to address the problem.
  • We follow a quick response turnaround time when it comes to reverting your important emails.
  • Email virtual assistants can use templates for answering related questions or framing advertising emails while working with bulk emails.
  • Consumers often consider email communication the last resort, and we try not to delay the response further. Our ecommerce virtual assistant aims at retaining your customers through prompt apologies, quick action, refund, or replacement.

Types of customer email

There are three kinds of customer email that we never ignore when you hire our email support services:

  1. Emails for the first time

These kinds of emails are mostly sending by new customers. Since they are dealing with your client’s business for the first time, the queries would be large in number. Email support virtual assistant patiently deals with such kinds of email senders.

  1. Emails by loyal customers

We address these kinds of emails on priority, as they are your valued customers who have been purchasing regularly from you. Responding to them is essential to retain loyalty to your brand.

  1. Back-and-forth emails

Some consumers raise the same issues again and again on emails. Such emails are red-flagged by virtual assistants. We try to resolve such email complaints by going the extra mile.

Final thoughts

You may think that hiring an email virtual assistant just to handle your emails is excessive. However, bear in mind that many company owners live and die by emails. What a difference it would make in your life if you could get your inbox under control?

Our affordable virtual assistant services can assist you with email handling by providing follow-ups, email management, and scheduling assistance. In other words, virtual assistants are someone you should assign the most daunting email duties to so you do not have to worry about what to do at the end of the day.

So, waiting for what? Write to us for any inquiry or assistance.