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Common Website Errors That Decrease and Limit Sales

Common Website Errors That Decrease and Limit Sales

Maintaining an eCommerce website that performs well consistently is not easy. Knowingly or unknowingly, sellers do or do not do certain things that have adverse effects on their sales. It is important to identify and rectify these errors to ensure growth in sales performance.

Here are some of the common mistakes in website design that result in drastic sales losses for eCommerce owners-

Not Having A Well-Thought Value Proposition

There are thousands of sellers offering products and services similar toyours. Why should they buy from you? This is the only question that matters. Make sure that your website clearly describes what benefits the customers get when they choose you over the others. This includes a to-the-point description of the product features, the necessity for the customers, and the warranties etc. that you offer.

Unreal Or Misguiding Product Information

You know that product information plays a key role in convincing a potential customer to purchase it. This makes it imperative that the product information on your website is indeed convincing. It should cover everything the customer would like to know about the product, and must be written in a simple language. Do not upload any inaccurate information as it will develop a bad reputation for you if the product is not as you described it to be.

Know what the customers are looking for. If you are selling furniture or accessories, focus on the images more. If you are selling appliances or home essentials, add detailed descriptions.

Not Attributing Product Images the Significance They Deserve

Product images are an integral part of your product information. Visitors always trust websites that display high-quality, descriptive images, as these images help them better judge the products. Upload clear images that show the size of the product, and its usage. Images of products in use help in convincing the customers that they need it.You can take the help of professional Image editing services company to serve best product images that attract more customers and increase sales.

Not Showing Your Reliability

Customers like to know that they are dealing with a trustworthy seller. If your website doesn’t give the feeling, they will leave instantly. To make your website look more welcoming and caring, you need to add a few elements. Studies revealed that adding security trust-marks (from an antivirus company or a payment partner) increased the positive responses that visitors gave to websites. You can add many other elements like customer testimonials, customer count etc.

Not Regarding GDPR

Complying with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is a necessity if you want to do business in Europe. GDPR gives the power to the customers to choose what info they give you, how it is to be used. If you are GDPR compliant and proudly show it on your website, your sales would see a positive change.