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Choosing an Etsy Listing Service

10 Things to Look For When Choosing an Etsy Listing Service

Are you planning to outsource your Etsy listing service to build your success on Etsy?

It will take time and a reliable service partner. And choosing a reliable service partner for Etsy product listing can be a bit difficult. Apart from a reliable partner, there are other things you need to focus on to ensure your success on the Etsy platform.

There can be various things to consider that depend on several factors and adding them to the below list is not possible. Therefore, we have demonstrated some important things you should look for while choosing the best Etsy service. This will also help you to produce a quality listing for your success to succeed on the online platform.

1.  Goal

First thing first, when it comes to choosing an Etsy service, be sure of your objective. If you’re not clear why you’re hiring an Etsy shop management service, you won’t be able to decide whether you have utilized the services or not, and what you have achieved with the service.

To judge the results and satisfy your needs, you should be clear with the goal of hiring an etsy service. Your outsourcing goals can be:

  • High-quality product listing
  • Data entry for Etsy
  • Migration
  • Complete Etsy shop management
  • Generate traffic and leads
  • Perhaps, you want to boost sales

There can be different goals for every business. But the most important thing is “start a thing with a goal” as it will help you to utilize your money, effort, and time and help you know whether or not you have achieved what you were planning for.

2.  Expertise

When you are planning to hire professional Etsy listing services, you must look into what expertise they can bring to your business. It is said, in your business, you should handle what you’re best at, and outsource the rest. So, when you hire someone make sure that they are experts in the work you are hiring for.

Every business has some expertise and it ensures that they are one of the best options for that particular work.

3.  Etsy Product Listing Service Quality

An Etsy product listing service is one of the essential things to focus on as it influences the buyer’s decision. So, product listings must be done in a way that attracts buyers and encourages them to purchase your product. A professional listing service provider ensures that accurate product data is uploaded on the product page, creates high-quality product description, they do keyword research and use them in the listing, and help you to increase your product page ranking.

4.  Check Review, Feedback, and Portfolio

A professional Etsy listing company presents its brand with trustful and real client reviews, and feedback. It helps new clients to choose whether or not to outsource them. It tells their work quality, commitment, and results they have generated for their clients.

The portfolio helps you to assess the quality of work. It helps you to decide whether or not the company’s quality standard meets your pre-determined quality standards. Hence, before you join hands with any Etsy listing services, be sure to consider these things to evaluate their performance.

5.  Look for Complete Etsy Shop Management

Outsourcing your complete Etsy shop management service will help you gain a competitive advantage in smooth management. A professional company like Fecoms having Etsy store managers who have years of experience working on Etsy can better handle your project. They evaluate your store’s performance and give a new perspective to your store that can help you increase your sales.

An Etsy store manager will handle all your Etsy store tasks. From creating a listing to managing Ads, they will handle all these things with their professional team of Etsy experts. Apart from a smooth process and great results, you can get benefits in saving time and cost. When you choose a complete package, you will get huge discounts, and also you will have a lot of time to focus on the core areas of your business.

6.  Customization

Buyers love to shop from brands that offer them customization facilities. So, if you want to grow on Etsy, you should choose an Etsy listing service that can create customization in your product listing so that buyers can customize the product in their own way.

Customization can be like specifying personal body size for a dress, choosing the color of the dress, selecting a gift packing, etc. This kind of small customization enhances the buyer’s shopping experience.

7.  Product Development Manager

There are various kinds of problems that arise when you start selling on Etsy. Also, customer preference changes as per time and trends. So, you must consider these problems and changes to survive in the market. A professional product development manager keeps an eye on these kinds of challenges and product best solutions.

8.  Budget

Planning a budget before outsourcing helps you keep going smoothly without any financial pressure. It will also help you to be clear with the Etsy listing services company. As a result, they will plan a strategy keeping budget in mind and help you achieve great results.

For a small business, where funds and resources are limited, a well-defined budget planning will help in smooth functioning and gaining the best results for the business.

9.  Quality of Service

When you choose an Etsy listing service provider, be sure you check the quality of services. It helps you to measure if they can provide the quality you need for your clients. Quality service is the only thing that can lead to your success in the online market.

10.  Commitment

For any type of business, commitment shows how dedicated a service provider is to your business’s success. Commitment can be made in terms of timely delivery of work, measurable results, reliability, etc. Before shaking hands with an eCommerce service provider, remember their words and see if they make it true. This will help you choose the best service not only for the present but also for the future.


There can be various other things to look for while selecting the best Etsy listing services for your business. But we have discussed the most important one. It will help you to make the right choice for your business and gain the best results.