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Client Background

One of our clients with great knowledge in cosmetology and dermatology opened a new makeup and skin treatment center in New York to serve people who wish to keep their skin young and healthy. He was providing many DIYs and organic products to keep skin young and healthy. Our client was providing services like haircuts, beauty products, make-up artists, and many beauty-related services. The owner of the treatment center was not technology inclined, and their marketing attempts have fallen short.

Major Issue

Our client found himself struggling to find ways to stand out in the market. Their center had not any online presence as they just opened it that’s why our client was not able to attract many new customers on monthly basis. Our client needs thoughtful marketing strategies and branding strategies to connect their services to the local community. That’s why they turned to Faith e-Commerce Services for assistance because they knew we could get them there.

The solution given by Faith e-Commerce Services

Step 1: Logo
The first step taken by Faith e-commerce Services was deciding to create the best and perfect logo for the makeup and skin treatment center. Our logo design team worked with the owner to understand his preferences for color, and style. Our design team focused on creating options to convey a contemporary or upscale feel. After a couple of revisions and brainstorming the logo was designed and delivered by Faith Team which provides easier scalability across promotional and printed marketing solutions.
Step 2: Website Designing and Development
Word-of-mouth is frequently regarded as the finest form of reference, but business owners are missing out on opportunities to attract new clients by not having a website that helps to turn interested into sales. Faith e-Commerce Services created a scalable, personalized website ecosystem using a custom WordPress platform in which each page had its microsite engaging on the specific services available, it allows consumers to engage better and connect with their makeup and the skin treatment center itself. Our website design team has entered the entire menu of services with prices and a one-click mapping location.
Step 3: SEO and Marketing Strategies
After the perfect and elegant website, our team focused on elevating the treatment center’s image and branding with a curated list of products like apparel, t-shirts, caps, and promotional products or retail packaging. These things not only improve visibility but also give customers who wish to promote the business new cash streams. Our SEO team started work on the website and marketing strategies. It’s been a year and website traffic is still growing on and on. New strategies are implemented by our team to connect with new clients who are searching for beauty services. Our client’s makeup and skin treatment center saw immediate results.

Paid marketing

Faith’s eCommerce services team ran many ad campaigns e.g. PPC, display ads, and Instagram ads, and brought about a 700% increase in regular website traffic. There was an increase of 120% in monthly leads and inquiries generated by live chat and phone calls.


Faith eCommerce Services created multiple reels and infographics to represent the art of the client to potential customers. With an outstanding social media marketing strategy Faith was able to grow the Instagram account from 0 to 23k in one year all organic no paid followers. There were many reels of collaborations and creativity which was required to bring social media account that boom. Thanks to the supportive client. It could not be possible without his support. He used to shoot raw videos and the faith team used to take care of the post-production of reels and videos.


The results, as they stand, are sufficient evidence. Within a few weeks, The treatment center was getting 2,000 monthly Google views and ranking in the neighborhood 3-pack. As well as, social media accounts are growing day by day.

Concerning search engine optimization and website traffic, Faith e-Commerce Services began by resolving some technical issues. Additionally, this new website design incorporated a chat component. This allowed customers to speak with a qualified individual for any advice.

Beginning with the total number of visits made both inside and outside, overall website traffic climbed by more than 250%, and the Domain Authority Score improved from 9 to 34. The treatment center’s new website has seen an increase in traffic from the following specific sources:

● There was roughly a 248% rise in organic traffic.
● The increase in direct traffic came in at over 219%.
● And traffic that came from referrals increased by a staggering 1183%

A global digital marketing agency, Faith e-Commerce Services has nailed it and is a full-service interactive marketing business that assists brands in connecting with the appropriate customers.

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