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How Amazon Process Orders

How Amazon Process Orders

How Amazon Process Orders

As soon as a buyer buys your product by adding it to their shopping cart and checking out, Amazon immediately take the following few steps to process the order:

Step 1:

At first, Amazon puts the order in Pending status. Whatever the quantity of the order was, it is immediately subtracted from your listed inventory (You can find this in ‘Manage Inventory’). If the available quantity was just one, Amazon removes the listing from the offer page and adds it to Manage Inventory with zero quantity – all this is done while the order is still being processed.

All pending orders automatically do not appear in either ‘Orders’ or ‘Unshipped’. Orders report is also non-actionable while the order is being processed. It is an automatic process at Amazon to ‘hold’ all orders for a standard 30-minutes. This gives the buyer an opportunity to cancel, if they so wish.

In certain special cases, payment and order detail verification process can even extend order processing for maximum 21 days, but this is a rare occurrence. In case a buyer contacts a seller directly while the order is still pending, they are redirected to Amazon Customer Service by the seller.

Step 2:

The second step is verification. Amazon tries to verify and validate payment method and order details. While this is happening, three different status updates can be seen in the Manage Orders tab.


If you see this, it means payment verification is successful


If payment verification is unsuccessful at the first attempt or takes a longer time than usual, this status message is displayed. Sometimes this can extend upto 21 days – this is the maximum period for which Amazon will hold an order. You are not supposed to ship any pending orders, even if the buyer gets in touch with you directly.


This only happens if payment doesn’t succeed or in case Amazon detects any fraud. Amazon doesn’t send a notification if an order is cancelled. But the order is recorded as cancelled under Manage Orders tab. You’re not expected to take any action on this.

Step 3:

Once payment is verified, Amazon follows certain steps. These are mentioned as below:

  • Status is changed to ‘Unshipped’
  • Order confirmation is sent to buyer. This also mentions the estimated delivery date.
  • Order notification is sent to seller.

Step 4:

The next step is the seller’s responsibility wherein they process the order. As soon as an order reaches ‘Unshipped’ status, the seller must fulfill or cancel the order.

  • The delivery address is available in multiple places including the Order Details page, Orders report and Unshipped Orders report.
  • Once the seller has the delivery address, it is their prerogative to ship the order using the requested shipping method.
  • Once the order is shipped, the seller must confirm the order by either clicking ‘Confirm Shipment’ on the Manage Orders page, or by uploading a Shipping Confirmation file. The second option is only valid in case of multiple orders and only available to the seller with a professional selling account.

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