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manage ecommerce catalog with accurate data entry

How to manage ecommerce catalog with accurate data entry

Increasing client experience and convert visitors into revenue requires efficient ecommerce product catalogs. Purchasing decision of consumer and customer satisfaction depends on the well-defined structure of the product catalog.

Your catalog winning percentage rises when you focus on offering accurate, up-to-date product descriptions, attractive graphics, and dynamic interfaces.

The most difficult problem for online retailers is managing comprehensive and consistent product data. For a strong product data entry process, ecommerce firms need a strategic blend of human talent and technologies that they can get by outsourcing our catalog data entry services.

Let us see how your ecommerce catalog management can get reinvigorated by our comprehensive and precise data entering procedure.

Automatic digitization of data

We use OCR, OMR, MICR, and other sophisticated data capture tools to improve accuracy in entering product data on your e-store. It will help you to maintain product hierarchy and inventory in real-time on multiple platforms. We collect product information from text sources and digitize it by streamlining the data transfer process.

Compile a data profile

Fecoms conduct data profiling to ensure the product data is accurate, unique, consistent, comprehensive, and is free from any error. We provide quality product catalog data entry services to various ecommerce companies which include:

  • Troubleshoot errors in the product database by locating the source and root cause of the error.
  • Check validity and consistency of data in product detail fields like item number, SKU, etc.

Ensure robust import/export policies

You may need efficient import/export rules to move your ecommerce catalog database between multiple platforms. We follow a stringent policy in our ecommerce catalog processing services by using automated data input systems to import or export particular products from your catalog.

Analyze third-party data

Data uniformity is not certain when product data from different suppliers are entered into a central database. Being an online retailer it is your responsibility to check to do authenticity checks, spell checks, and so on of the format and information. Our data entry specialists take the following points into consideration, to ascertain accuracy in third party data:

  • Make sure the catalogs are uniquely titled
  • Map all the fields of product data to check the accuracy
  • Identify the source of mismatched data
  • Locate and eliminate duplicate data
  • Connecting and tagging multiple fields

Providing stable platform for detecting, preventing, and correcting errors

We not only find problems and fix them, but we also identify the cause of issues and address them to prevent them from happening again.

The potential source of errors that can be due to:

  • The negligence of data entry operators
  • Entering incomplete or inconsistent data into product detail fields
  • Manipulation of original data

We have a team of professional product data entry specialists at Fecoms that perform a thorough data entry quality check on all product data submitted in any marketplace Catalog.

Complying with the standards set out by marketplaces

Maintain your catalog on multiple platforms then you need to Sync your data inputs according to the guidelines and set rules of these ecommerce platforms. Our data input experts take due care of the following:

  • Images and product information should not be misleading
  • The product information is reliable and coincides with the product And much more.

To conclude further

Ecommerce product catalogs influence the consumer behaviors and satisfaction graph. The precise information input on your product listings aids the consumer to make a purchase decision in the future and attach loyalty to your brand. Since the customer cannot touch the product and only buy by trusting the product data be it description or image, make sure it is not ambiguous.

Creating well-optimized product data is not an easy task and needs detailed research every day. Our ecommerce catalog processing services are focused on improving every parameter of your product catalogs so that you can attain maximum revenue from your online business. Contact us to discuss this in detail.