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The 6 Pillars of Amazon Product Listing Optimization

The 6 Pillars of Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Does most of your time go in forming your Amazon product listing and ensuring that it is optimized?

A powerful Amazon product listing is very important. This is not a one-time investment. If you have implemented it then you have to move ahead with its next step. This article is based on the importance and all that you need to create your Amazon Product listing.

Why One Should Practice Product Listing?

In your busy schedule of running business, you do need to pay attention and form your list or otherwise your products will not rank very well and you may lose sales.

Optimization is required as it helps to

  • Increase visitors
  • Increases sales
  • Increase profits

Amazon has a set format of how your product listing should be and what restrictions are to be followed and then it is completely on you how you add value to the pages by adding product info, keywords and images.

The Anatomy of a Product Listing

Whether it is retail, arbitrage or private label all listings have six pillars that are very important to understand being an Amazon seller.

These are:

  1. Product Title
  2. Product Images
  3. Key Product Features
  4. Product Listing Description
  5. Amazon Product Reviews
  6. Amazon Product Rating

Product Title

A product title has a limitation of around 50 words, which should be used completely. All categories have their limits, a few may require longer titles and some require shorter, but you should use the actual word limit given by Amazon.

A few tips on writing very good product titles:

  • Your target audience is humans, hence you must write titles that are easy to understand for them and they are compelled to click it. Amazon has algorithms, which are based keeping in mind what people understand.
  • Add something valuable
  • Include product benefits or specifications that differentiate you from your competitor. Add things like Size, material things that your audience wants to know.
  • Prioritize your Keywords
  • Use keywords that relate to your product and that affect more, so be very careful with your keywords. Keywords should include all the facts about your product in the given word limit.

Product Images

There is a limit to post images, and for one product, you can upload nine images, so you should use all of them. There is one lead image, and images are the most important aspect as they give the visual effect on your costumers. It is the first impression to your audience about your product.

 How to create nine different images of one product a few tips on it:

  • Keep the pixels of your image huge as when zoomed they should look good, like 1000px in width and 500px in height.
  • Spend good money and hire a professional to get the best images.
  • The lead image should be with plain white background so that it gives customer the actual image of your product.
  • Show different angles of your product zoomed in and out.
  • Display your product packaging,
  • Display live usage of your product.
  • Your image should show the actual size and scale of the product.
  • Display your key features and assure money back guarantee.

Key Product Features

Amazon has product description limits, which are around 1000 characters with spaces. You can include key features through bullets points, so you should have at least five bullet points for each product you list.

  • Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and then think what all a customer would want to know. What differentiates you from your competitors and do not forget to add value.
  • Many viewers do not go through the details. Hence, mention the key features at the top.
  • You should be ready to answer any questions or doubts of your customers.
  • Do not forget to mention guarantee and warranty you wish to offer.
  • Mention the material and use high quality.
  • If your product helps in solving problem, do explain how?

Product Listing Description

Amazon has product description limits, which are around 2000 characters with spaces. Utilize this space completely and explain every bit and important detail about your product. What your product does and why is it the best in the market amongst your product category.

This space allows you to elaborate on every detail about the features of your product. Keep your details very crisp and write smartly that users can read and understand. Your content should contain all the pickup points of your product.

Amazon Product Reviews

Reviews become an important part in giving proof to your potential customers and generate the trust and confidence in them. According to Amazon’s algorithm reviews play an important role.

You can do many things to provide a good customer experience, which will help you in gaining good reviews.

You can run email campaigns for your customers to keep them informed about the product arrival. When you are not running a promotion campaign you can avail the time to generate product reviews from customers.

Do not compromise on your quality and make sure that you provide samples and ensure your quality.

When you are starting a business or you are a small business it is difficult to grab on reviews but do not forget that even your competitors are sailing in the same boat. When you gain a good customer review at this point it really works well and helps you gain points over your competitor.

Amazon Product Rating

Once you get good reviews your ratings will automatically increase.

If your ratings are somewhere between 4-5 stars then you must be really doing well, but if you are struggling in a low rating bar then there are a few points for you to keep in mind.

  • Look if there is anything wrong with your product and can be fixed.
  • Email campaigns can help you find your problem, before someone posts a negative review.
  • Try to gain more and more positive reviews, which will help you wipe all the negativity.
  • Negative comments do pop in at times, which is completely unavoidable. As a seller learn to ignore it and do everything possible to sell your amazing product and at best price. Provide a good customer experience.

Make sure you follow the correct guidelines for your product listing and then you may improve your optimization. Then you will stand as par or better than your competitor will and you will see more visitors.