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What Sells Best on Amazon

What Sells Best on Amazon

What Sells Best on Amazon

Generating a substantial income stream on Amazon is not too difficult if you know just what to sell. But the question then arises – how do you know what to sell? Don’t worry. We’ve done extensive research on this and prepared this article to answer all your questions related to the best-selling products on Amazon.

There are all types of sellers on Amazon. Some of them are minting money, others are struggling and can’t even manage a few sales a month. So, what is the different between the two? The ones who are failing didn’t do their research and just jumped into the market. Before you decide what to sell and create your seller account on Amazon, it is a good idea to do your research and be prepared. This way you can be sure that you’re only selling the best-sellers on Amazon and not saturated products.

Any seller who is effectively selling on Amazon will definitely tell you one thing – the ‘product’ is the business. What this basically means is that it is the product that can make or break the business. Without a good product, there’s no business on Amazon.

So, what are the best-selling categories on Amazon for 2019?

The e-commerce industry is evolving each day and every day new products are introduced. For an individual/business it is very difficult to find the best-selling products on their own. This is why we have done extensive list and provided below is a list of products that are consistently generating profits for the sellers. These are some products that you can start selling without a second thought and be rest assured that you will make profits.

You need to be very careful in what you’re trying to sell. If you end up choosing a product which is considered ‘bad’ for selling on Amazon, you could try everything and still not make profits. You could invest your money, get the best supplier and source the product at the best price in the market, but if the product is not marketable on Amazon, there is no way you will make profits on it. This is where research comes in handy. If you have done your research well, there’s no way you could go wrong. But research itself is a very time-consuming process and this is why we have done the research for you and provided and in-depth article that tells you all you need to know about the top selling products on Amazon for 2019.

But keep in mind that with the changing nature of Amazon and ecommerce, these products and this list will also keep changing accordingly. So be sure to keep checking this page regularly and we will ensure that we keep it updated to always provide you the best research in this area.

Toys and Games


This is one category that consistently generates high sales on Amazon. This is why it usually tops the list of bestsellers. Kids are one target group that are always in the market for something new and parents usually indulge their whims. Therefore, this particular category of products has a very high potential for being the bestselling products on Amazon.

But one thing to keep in mind with this category is to always stay updated since this is a very dynamic category and new products are launched in the market on a daily basis. Everything from cricket bats to kits, from ludo to brain games, from learning games to video games and board games sell very well under this category. So make sure you customize your Amazon store with the latest items, especially those with learning and/or creative purpose and you will be surprised at the high Return on Investment (ROI).



This category includes both accessories as well as gadgets. Without technology, it is not only difficult but almost impossible to live in the current day and age. All types of accessories, gadgets and devices have taken an integral space in our lives. In just the last year, 60% of all Google searches were done on smart devices. Customers always want to stay up-to-date on their technology products and as such this category never goes out of style.

It is difficult to run from one shop to another, especially because some products are now only available on specialized stores or even online. In such a case, customers prefer to buy their gadgets and accessories online. In this scenario, Amazon scores big because it’s a trustworthy and popular player in the online market. This is why people prefer buying on Amazon compared to other local websites.

But keep in mind to stick to middle-segment products since those buying high-end gadgets still prefer buying directly from the manufacturer’s exclusive store. Even for you, sourcing your product straight from the manufacturer and becoming a certified reseller.

Video Games


Arcade games used to be popular, but video games have completely taken over the market now. In fact, this industry is expected to grow into a billion-dollar industry in just a couple more years. There are always new games, consoles, tablets, and other smart devices coming into play. As such, there are absolutely no chances of this market getting stagnant. You can safely invest your money into this and start selling these products on Amazon.

Books and E-Readers


With the advent of E-Readers like Kindle, many said that the market for books will suffer a decline. But the exact opposite has happened. People are now even more invested in buying books. Hardcover books and paperbacks are as popular as e-books. There’s no way you could go wrong with this category.

Apparel and Jewellery


No matter the financial climate, people are always in need of these basic accessories. The demand for these products only goes up. So, invest some money into this category and watch your sales grow. But keep in mind that your products must be competitively priced and of good quality. These products form the basic needs for a human and there’s a huge growth opportunity in this category.

How can you choose the best selling products on Amazon?

  • Keep in mind that your products should be competitively prices and not too high-end.
  • Keep your sales price so that your cost falls under 35% of it.
  • Do not opt for seasonal products only. If you want to sell seasonal products, do so but keep evergreen products too.
  • Opt for products that can be easily searched for.
  • The more useful a product, the more chances it has to be a bestseller.

Just keep these basics in mind and you would be a bestseller on Amazon in no time!

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