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6 Strategies To Give Best Live Chat Support Through Your Business Website

With bulk data at their disposal, it is no wonder that almost every business prefers to outsource chat support services to a virtual assistant. Live chat support is considered a reliable customer service delivery tool that is on equal footing with email and phone. Business Profit margin and brand credibility have increased dramatically because of this real-time, safe, personal, and budget-friendly process.

Since online or live chat services vary from standard support (via email or phone), Fecoms follow certain best practices for live chat support services for your business websites that help consumers navigate the platform very smoothly. The following are a few of them:

1. The Live Chat Feature Position on your website

We give the best live chat solutions to make your live feature stand out on your website. We ensure that the live chat functionality delivers outcomes as per set standards by making your live chat window easy to find and navigate.

A live chat button is like a help button, so it should be easily identifiable on your website. We strike a balance between its design and position to optimize maximum customer satisfaction.

2. Live chat should be accessible from any Webpage

Live chat support assists your customers throughout the website. So we ensure that your customers can access this feature from any page of your website. A virtual assistant will help customers throughout the buying decision, irrespective of being anywhere on your website.

3. Grab attention immediately

When you hire a virtual assistant online for your chat support from us, we ensure that every customer gets addressed as soon as he/she visits your website. To make it easier, our virtual assistant starts a live chat with and customer by adding a name and a welcome message, which is tailored and grabs the customer’s attention right away as he visits the website.

4. Recognize the pulse point of live chat

Customers initiate a conversation on live chat to get solutions to their problems while dealing with your business.

Our live chat support virtual assistants hold insight to recognize the essence of chat’s importance and begin offering solutions throughout the discussion.

Our chat support agents give the best live chat solutions by simplifying your customer troubles that might lead to upselling.

5. Maintain decorum and discipline

The communication pattern differs from customer to customer. Live Chat support virtual assistants are front-line representatives of business, and his/her words have a direct bearing on the company image.

Taking this into account, our chat support agents take caution when coping with customer matters, such as being respectful, friendly, and appropriate in their wording. We keep a close eye on our chat help virtual assistants and ensure that they are conducting courteous behavior when communicating with customers.

6. A Secure Finish

Outsource chat support services from Fecoms and experience a shift in the level of customer credibility in your brand. In addition to addressing immediate client problems, our virtual assistants perform engagement reviews to improve in the future. It would make a customer feel special, and useful to your business.


Live chat is an effective way to maximize shopping experience and sales, especially in the online and retailing business.

Businesses that aim to reach heights by attaching customer loyalty to their brands should contact us for the best live chat solutions. You would notice a tremendous increase in customer satisfaction soon.

Many businesses have gained an edge in their operation by outsourcing our robust live chat feature, backed by trained live chat virtual assistants.

Reach to us to get a customized live chat solution by personalized virtual assistance services and upscale your business.