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How to Use Social Media to Grow your Small Business

How to Use Social Media to Grow your Small Business

The power of social media cannot be undermined. Social media is changing the way we are now communicating and interacting with one another. Most of the small and even medium sized business units are now implementing innovative digital techniques towards the marketing activities in order to enhance business growth. It has become imperative to be on the social media so that you can secure best returns on your financial investments.Business startups can now employ social media to experience incredible growth.


Social media is one of the most fascinating and flexible way to take your business to the next level. Small business are also now actively involved in utilizing social media in terms of marketing their business for free online, thus creating strong online presence and obtaining fast customer feedback. Social media assists in promoting your brand and making it visible in the global marketplace in the best possible manner.

8 ways to use social media to enhance business growth

Augment Leads

The biggest advantage of being on social media is not merely the leads but the capability to create highly qualified leads by addressing target audience. This can be done by:

  • Designing vivid graphics which are visually appealing and attractive
  • Write compelling and well-optimized blog posts for your reader and the social media audience in order to drive audience to your website
  • Create a sense of urgency by motivating to act

Improve Search Engine Ranking


Improve search engine ranking and increase your brand reach in order to improve traffic to a website. Optimize your articles by using relevant keywords, which are instantly searchable on Google or any other search engine. Each social media platform has a link pointing to your website and links is one of the most important SEO factor.

Create Effective social media presence

It is important to develop visually appealing and relevant content, which can be easily noted on social media Ensure you make it effortless for targeted audiences to share your content with social sharing buttons, which should be vividly displayed on your website. Make sure that your content is only a click away from the readers.

Stay Updated About Your Competitors

Try to learn from your competitor’s strategies. Book marking and noting your competitor’s social media sites will enable you to clearly understand the techniques of effective marketing and ways to use social media. Also, learn from their mistakes and try to inculcate positive attempts to improve your online presence. It is important to continually revamp your marketing strategies and this will ultimately help you to meet competition.

Create a Strong Feeling of Trust With Your Customers

Social media is not just a platform for promoting your products and services. It also gives you the opportunity to build a feeling of trust and which will in turn help you to develop loyal fan base. Hence, it is important that content you post on the social media profiles needs to be accurate authentic, relatable, and engaging for the target audience. For this, you can also engage relevant and trustworthy influencers who have the ability to promote your products and services. As Influencers share their personal experiences and real life stories in an engaging manner regarding your product on social media such as twitter it offers immense advantages. It becomes relatively easy for customers to relate to their authentic stories and thus is motivated to act.

Build Powerful Brand Identification

You can use social media to highlight your brand so that potential customers recognize it instantly. Persistence plays a strong role as you need to add at least 3 or 4 posts every week so that to hold the attention of the web traffic. It is important to use innovative techniques so that you can promote the brand on social media and put it effectively across the target audience faster and easier. Attractive cover images and vivid profile photos should be posted on social platforms. It is essential to post your logo strategically so that it leaves a powerful and long-lasting impact in the mind of the prospective clients. Bright Visual features of your brand should be put on social media since people prefer to buy from brands, which they instantly recognize.

Establish Your Brand as a Reliable Source of Information

Social media platforms can invariably help you to set up your relatively small business as an important topical. For this to happen you need to post content, which is absolutely accurate and relevant to your niche. The search engines will then start to recognize your authority in that niche. This helps your brand to be established as the go-to authority for any issue. Hence, if your webpage has a high authority, it will automatically generate high-quality traffic to your page order to succeed.

Social media does not sell your product or service. However, the main aim is to engage and offer accurate information to the target audience so that they are motivated to act. People generally love to read good posts and watch informative videos. Thus, it is important to post them on different platforms on social media. For example, if you own a restaurant you can post special promotional deals and events on your webpage besides posting attractive pictures of the food being served. People will surely seek out, as they will be allured by the information and attractive visuals

One important aspect is to convert web traffic into active and paying customers. In order to drive a high conversion rate on social media you can employ two of the most effective methods. These are; design an appealing and engaging call to action and post it on social media platforms. The alluring ads will direct as well as motivate the prospective clients to visit your website and eventually make a purchase. Offer discounts and organize contests where good rewards are setup to allure customers. This is a cost-effective and a very impactful way to generate sales and at the same time promote your products.

Include varied platforms on social media in your marketing strategy and reap exceptional results.